For the Neighborhood on Fourth Sundays

For the Neighborhood of Fourth Sundays

“What is your name?” Jesus asked a man living in isolation on the Eastern shores of the Sea of Galilee. Even before Jesus healed this man from the torment and fragmentation of the demonic voices tearing him a part, he acknowledged his personhood.  Jesus paused and looked at one cast aside by others, and said, “I want to know you. You have a name.”

Fourth Sundays are a beautiful time of acknowledging that every person has a name.  A name that matters. And, even if we do not know that person’s name that we see on the street, God does. And, God loves that person.  Our Fourth Sundays provide a beautiful touchpoint with people in our community.

When we take time to worship in action  we live into the reality that we are connected to one another. Brian Bantum affirms this in his book The Death of Race:

“Christian discipleship is the confession that I am not me without you, and that our community is not whole while some are perpetually diminished. As we see Jesus move through our world, he reveals to us that God’s justice is a touch that transforms, that makes us whole.”  Bantum, Brian. The Death of Race

Thank you for taking time to embody the grace of Jesus in how you spend time worshipping on Fourth Sundays.  Through your generous acts of kindness and care we are able to connect with people in our community who can feel perpetually diminished through gender, racial and socio-economic prejudice.  Following Jesus means bringing the enfleshed WORD of God to the places where people are and tangibly showing them “You matter.  You have worth.”

June Fourth Sunday Highlights:

  • Hymn Sing at Skyline Retirement Home. Since 2006 a small group of folks from Union Church have blessed residents, first at Exeter House and now Skyline, through hymns, smiles, conversations and balloons! Contact Ruth to learn how to join.

  • Brunch at SCCA that brings together residents & caregivers who are living in Seattle for cancer treatment. This has become a vital time of connection and care.

  • Stocking and organization of University Food Bank so they can be ready for Monday opening.

  • Sack lunches, lovingly created for people who visit the ICS Hygiene Center

  •    A scrumptious meal prepared for the Monday night dinner at Street Youth Ministry

  • Healthy snacks and delicious brownies for kids in our neighborhood for the end of  year celebration.

  • Letters written to  Border Angels an all volunteer, non profit organization that advocates for human rights, humane immigration reform, and social justice with a special focus on issues related to issues related to the US-Mexican border.

  • Letters of encouragements to Jojo Bayana, who is in the NW Detention Center. Jojo told James B, “He has never felt so loved.”  Thank you for being the body of Christ to Jojo