Worship is our life lived in response to God's love for us and passion for justice and reconciliation. We live in a rhythm that reflects that. Worship expands our imagination to more fully take in the reality of God. That not only happens with music, prayer, and Scripture, but also through loving and serving others in partnership with the Holy Spirit. That's why every Sunday at Union is a little different. We're in a rhythm that reinforces a broad experience of worship.


First, Third, and Fifth Sundays
On these Sundays through music, prayer, story and scripture we meet with God and let our lives be reoriented by Jesus and his message.  A visible expression of God's love and grace (communion and baptism) is celebrated on these Sundays and there are people to pray with if you wish.

Second Sundays
This Sunday is designed to deepen our connection with others on the journey as we discover gifts and strengths to love one another while growing in grace, faith and joy.  We worship through music, prayer, a short message, and a time of discussion. 

Fourth Sundays
Every Fourth Sunday we gather in groups to put our faith in action and build community through engaging in South Lake Union and our neighborhoods. We welcome you to join us at 415 Westlake at 10am for a short scriptural reflection and then participate in one of the many opportunities of serving. You can also learn more about other opportunities on the homepage the week before each fourth Sunday.