"Christian identities are formed by joining -- with God, with neighbors, with land -- and the space in which this occurs closely resembles the most profound joining, that of Jesus' life and death with our own. Christians belong to God, and when we locate our lives inside God's communal life, we find that we truly belong to one another in ways that transgress and transcend the world's ways of belonging." David Leong, Race and Place

Fourth Sundays, Worship in Action, are an invitation to live and worship with imagination and hope, providing a way for us to come alongside our neighbors in South Lake Union and beyond.

At the heart of God is imagination! Who could have imagined that the image of the invisible God would be Jesus of Nazareth who walked this earth proclaiming good news to the poor and hope to the afflicted and purpose to all people who, he reminded, are image-bearers of the God of Creation! Yes, that is who Jesus is, the one who shows us that we are loved and are invited to show others their belovedness.

Below are some opportunities for this month. Meet at 415 Westlake Ave N at 10 AM unless time or location is specified otherwise. Events typically wrap up at 11:20 am. Questions? Email Adrienne.

At 415

Nutritious, Accessible Food
Pack sack lunches for the Immanuel Community Services Hygiene Center. All ages are welcome.

The ICS Hygiene Center, located in the gymnasium of Immanuel Lutheran Church, provides the opportunity for homeless men and women to wash their clothes, take a shower, and spend the morning in a warm, safe, and clean environment. The Center is open weekdays from 8:00 AM to noon. 

Package Bulk Food for ICS Food Bank.

Meal Prep for Street Youth Ministries and New Horizons
9 & 10 AM

Prepare a healthy and tasty meal for SYM’s drop-in center. Get to know people as you chop, baste and stir! No cooking skills? That’s ok! We have seasoned leaders that will guide the meal prep process.

Pack Protein-Filled Snacks for Lowell Elementary School
We’ll be packing after school snack bags for students at our local school. All ages welcome to participate.

Write Letters to Detainees
The Northwest Detention Center (NWDC) in Tacoma, WA “is one of the largest immigration prisons in the country, with a capacity to hold up to 1575 immigrants. People end up in the detention center after being transferred from local law enforcement custody, after immigration raids, and after being transferred from the border regions. We’ll be writing letters to send to our brother and sisters to share a message of hope and that they are not forgotten.  

Space for Prayer and Meditation
As we send people out in the neighborhood we also want to create space to listen to what the Spirit is saying to God's people.  

Mary's Place

Painting Mary's Place Office | Coming in 2019!
10 AM | Meet at 415 Westlake
Help us beautify the Mary’s Place administrative office space. We’ll be painting their entry way, various offices and hallways to brighten the interior of their building. Painting supplies welcome and work clothes suggested.

Food Bank

Restock at U-District Food Bank
10 AM | 5017 Roosevelt Way NE
Folks pick up donations from grocery stores over the weekend but don't have time to sort it--we do that so the Food Bank is ready to roll on Monday morning. There's plenty to do for people of all ages!
Interested? Contact Elizabeth

Skyline Retirement

Hymn Sing at Skyline Retirement
9:45 AM | 725 9th Ave, Seattle, WA 98104
This project is perfect for families as it is kid and adult friendly! Meet in the lobby at the NE corner of the building. We will sing hymns and visit with elderly residents. Contact:  Jen

Seattle Cancer Care Brunch Team
10 am | 207 Pontius Ave N
Instead of meeting at 415 Westlake, go directly to 207 Pontius Ave N, 2nd floor dining room. Serve food and engage in conversations with residents staying here for treatment. This is a vital ministry of presence. Contact: Ted

Seattle Cancer Care ALLIANCE

Create Your Own 4th Sunday Action
Some folks like to take 4th Sunday to develop connections with brothers and sisters by attending another church in their own neighborhood, gathering others to share a meal, or helping a neighbor in community. What is a way that you feel nudged to express God's love and acceptance, and to seek the "welfare of the community"?

*The good news, that you can see all around now, is that the spirit is moving among us. It is the spirit of Jesus. And Jesus is that great voice of otherwise, who saw the contradictions of the gospel to the Roman Empire and who acted out an alternative.” Walter Brueggeman

Create Your Own 4th Sunday Action