10 am on Sundays. 415 Westlake Ave, Seattle.

This week is a 1st Sunday.

Every Sunday is different. Catch the rhythm.

This Sunday, September 4

We begin our September FocusInvitation to Freedom

Whether  it is strapped by debt, boxed in by stereotypes or the slavery of human trafficking  our spirit cries out for freedom. What hope is there for freedom and what does it mean to live into that freedom for ourselves and others?  Explore that question with us over the next four weeks starting this week as we look at the slave girl and jailer in Acts 16. We will gather for worship and communion this Sunday at 10:00 am. 

If you missed Brian Cress' sermon, Justice for Life, on August 7, we invite you to listen here by clicking audio above.  He speaks of the work of hope International Justice Mission is providing to free those who are entrapped in modern day slavery.  And, he encourages us to pray about how we can be people who pursue justice for life. 


Upcoming Events

Wednesday Evening Discussion—interactive Bible Study, 7pm Wednesdays in the Kakao Café. 

Friday dinner prep on September 2.  Because of the deep gratitude of the recipients of our Friday To Go Dinners, we are partnering with Community Dinners  at Belltown Community Center one more time!  If you would like to help prepare 75 meals on Friday, contact Renee: reneen@upc.org 

Time: anytime between 3:00 to 5:00 p.m. Meet at 415 Westlake. 

Union Women’s Shelter will begin our 3rd year of operation this fall. Every Monday evening our venue is transformed into a guest room for women who have no other place to stay. If you would like to help host on a Monday evening, there are many ways to get involved. Contact Kara at unionvc@gmail.com

September Sunday Nights at the Notkins' – Simple dinner fare.  Begins Sept. 11 (after Labor Day Weekend). Join us any time after 5:30 with wrap-up by 8 p.m. Address: 4041 NE 105th St, Seattle