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This week is a 4th Sunday.

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Winter Sermon Series
I AM...David

Sunday, February 25, 10 AM
The Promise:  2 Samuel 7
Our image of "someone after God's own heart" has been distorted by  a variety of sources tot eh point we often want to cringe or walk away. What does living in a real world with real issues around power, sex, family relationships, betrayal and heartache look like with a God who is for us? Explore with us as we look at the life of David.  

Wednesday Evening Conversation
Join with others from Union in an engaging, interactive study that focuses on our current sermon series on the life of David.  7-8:30 p.m. Kakao, Conference Room.

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We're entering a new chapter. Click here for information on new beginnings at Union Church.

Union News

UNPACK: How Race Was Made  Discussion series featuring the Duke University podcast, "Seeing White". Through listening and discussion we will start to unpack how racism, identity and whiteness have affected history, accessibility and our personal narratives.  

The following Wednesday dates we invite you to join us @ 7=9PM, 415 Westlake to Unpack with us:

  •  February 7th
  • March 7th 
  • April 4th 
  • May 2nd 
  • June 6th 

Ordinary Spirituality: Prayer & Reflection Retreat
Saturday morning, February 24, led by Cathy Thwing.
415 Westlake, 9-11:30 a.m.  RSVP:  Cathy

Mexico House Build Trip
March 1-4, 2018
(Well, actually we meet up in San Diego around 9;30 pm Wednesday February 28th.)
Transform a family’s life and build relationships with the Union community.  No construction experience needed. Cost: $580, plus transportation to San Diego. Some scholarships available. Limited space.
For more info talk to James B

Want to prolong our Slow Christmas a bit more? Check these out:

Daily Advent Readings: 25 Steps Towards JusticeListen: Longest Night Worship Service

Thank you to all who contributed gifts to Compass House Giving Tree, DESC gift bags, the Women's Shelter and SCCA Brunch this Christmas season. 

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