Children’s Staff Mission

To participate with the Holy Spirit to be a life-giving, transformational presence in the lives of the children, encouraging them to be eternally connected, internally alive and eternally focused.

Eternally Connected

We serve a Great God. This God has created us, pursued us, loves us and made a way for us to be in relationship with Him forever. This Great God has a purpose for all of us, and we can be a part of that purpose. Our children are invited to become a part of the Big God Story as they learn the stories in the Bible, see how God has worked in the past, and discover how to listen to God’s leading.  

Internally Alive

A living, breathing relationship with God often begins by being in relationship with God’s followers. On Sundays we seek, in an age appropriate manner through encountering the stories of the Bible and by sharing how God is working in our lives, to introduce our children to a dynamic relationship with Jesus. Through this we hope our children will desire to investigate this God that we love, and to choose to start a relationship with Him who loves them far more than we know.

Externally Focused

Children are not just the “future of the church,” they are an active part of our current church community. Children are invited to worship with and be a part of the larger faith community. In addition, part of becoming a follower of God is being aware of the world and the people around us. Empathy is a learned behavior which can be taught at an early age through sharing and caring for each other. As children grow, they will learn to share their resources and care for those they encounter with the love of Christ.


Our long term goal for our kids is that they would know they are loved by a great and powerful God and loved by a community of believers. We pray that this deep truth would lead them into a deeper relationship with Jesus and strengthen them to hold fast to the foundational truths found in Scripture to guide their life choices that they may “enjoy and glorify God forever.”

Nuts and Bolts

Starting in Service with the greater Community

Kids are a part of our community of believers and we want them to know that they are welcomed and have a place in the main service. We also want kids to witness and participate in worship thorough music, prayer and community time. With exception to the nursery, we have all kids join in the service until they are dismissed to their worship spaces. We also believe that kids should witness and partake (when their parents feel it is appropriate) in Communion. On the weeks where Communion is served (1st and 3rd Sundays of each month), please bring your kids back into the service so that they can participate as your family chooses in Communion as well as our closing songs.

Class Breakdown:

Children grow and change from year to year. Knowing how differently each age group learns, we have our kids meet with their age group so that they can learn about God’s love in an age appropriate manner. At Union we staff our classrooms to accommodate kids from the time that they can sit up through 5th Grade. The classrooms are as follows. You can view the location for each class on the map.

  • Nursery: For kids who can sit up independently through 23 months

  • Explorers: For kids ages 2 and 3 years old as of September 1st

  • Pre K – Kindergarten: For kids ages 4 years old through the time they complete Kindergarten

  • 1st & 2nd Grade: This class will meet in “the pod” which is out in the parking lot

  • 3rd – 5th Grade: This class will meet over at Uptown Espresso one block North and across the street from Union.

  • Middle School: This class will meet over at Uptown Espresso one block North and across the street from Union.

Screen Shot 2016-12-09 at 12.20.10 PM.png

Teachers and Curriculum

Our children’s team consists of mainly college age students who want to build relationships with kids, love them and show them that God loves them too. We use the TRU curriculum, which strives to teach kids about the love of God using Bible-centered, life-related materials. This dynamic curriculum covers a wide range of books in the Bible, both in the Old and New Testaments and focuses on attributes of God as well His profound and unconditional love for us as His children.

Teacher’s Core Values for working with Kids

  • Relational We believe relationships with God’s followers invite investigation and relationship with a Loving God.

  • Caught more than Taught How we run the class and treat each other is just as important as getting through the story/activity/craft.

  • Centered on Jesus It's not about “being good.”

  • Community of Worship (This gathering is different from school)

  • Joyful God delights in us!

  • Treat as older but let be younger High expectations are welcomed bearing in mind their age and abilities

  • Questions are great! Invite and validate questions of faith and build in time to ponder and answer these questions.

  • Expansive message God’s love is for the whole world.

4th Sundays

Please join us for our 4th Sunday time of fellowship as we join together to serve our community. Although the kids do not meet in their regular classes, there are often service opportunities for kids to be a part of. The nursery will be open during these Sundays.  


Please remember to sign your kids in and out of their classes. If your children need you during the service, one of the teachers or host will contact you via text message. If you are unable to receive texts, please let the teacher know.

Get Involved

Would you like to get involved in Children's Ministry? We would love to connect with you as we engage and involve all of the kids who walk through the doors of Union!

If you are interested in helping out to any extent- whether it is through set up and clean up, hosting, assisting or teaching, we would love to involve you. All roles have flexible time commitments that would fit to your schedule. We are so excited for this upcoming school year and to see how God will continue to work in these kids' lives, and would love to make you a part of that!

If interested, please sign up Here.