A Generous, Gracious and perhaps even slow Christmas...

With the New Year our staff reflected on the different ways our community has come together to serve our neighborhood and each other. When we made a list of what happened between November and December we were blown away! The list below would not have been possible without your generosity, commitment and of course the grace and guidance of Jesus. May we continue to listen to the whisper of the Spirit in our city and world.

If you have a story to share from participating in Slow Christmas and our Advent Happenings, please email jamesbn@upc.org

Happenings at Union:

-Harvest Party
-Green Bean Casserole Collection
-DESC gift bags
-Compass House Giving tree
-Longest Night Service
-Family Advent Calendar
-Liturgical Canvases
-Christmas Eve Musical Play
-Art Corp Support
-Justice Advent Calendar
-Holiday Market
--Anti-racism training
--Prayer Retreat
-Organizing for Women’s Shelter
--SCCA Christmas Eve Brunch
-Lowell Teacher’s Gifts
-Meals, conversations & walks with new friends in our community
-Acts of Pause