Union Partnership with the International Justice Mission in the Dominican Republic.

Thank you to all who contributed on Christmas Eve to our partnership with IJM to fund a rescue. Thank you to those who have signed up to be Freedom Partners.   Here is more information about our commitment to the work of freedom in the Dominican Republic.  Please stay posted for our next steps as Freedom Partners.


Despite the clear blue waters and the white sand, the tropical country of the Dominican Republic wrestles with the enormity of the dark and hidden problem of sex trafficking. Worldwide, nearly two million children are bought and sold in commercial sex trade every year. The International Justice Mission (IJM), an organization committed to the end of slavery worldwide, recently opened an office in the DR to focus on the rescue and rehabilitation of young women enslaved in these horrible atrocities. 

Union Church has had a long history of supporting IJM, partnering through prayer and study for justice. 

With the formation of this new office, Union Church has made a new and bold commitment to become a formal partner church with the DR office. 

Union has been able to use its unique resources to raise funds for a complete rescue of a young woman enslaved in the DR. The cost of a full rescue, from investigation through recovery and restoration into the community costs $6500. IJM raises the money for these rescues from partner churches and through individual Freedom Partners. 

Union’s partnership with the DR office goes far deeper than a financial commitment. As a partner church, we will offer support to over 40 staff people in the DR by regularly praying for the work and the rescues, providing English training, sending resources as needed and leading trips to the DR to work and pray. 

We will also have the opportunity to sell jewelry at Union sponsored events made by women living at the restoration center known as Lily House. At Lily House, women have an opportunity to start fresh by learning to read and write, learning biblical teachings, and learning life and career skills. 

In addition, we will be able to host art events that display the unique work of IJM survivors and engage in further activities that raise awareness of the dark and hidden world of human trafficking.

The creative ways in which we can support this ministry are not limited to these plans and Union is open to new and innovative ways to extend light and life to our sisters and brothers who are enslaved. 

If you have an interest in becoming actively engaged in this ministry, contact Renée, James B. or Stephanie.

To support IJM directly as a Freedom Partner by offering $24 a month, sign up here.

To be more actively engaged in praying for justice, take some time to pray with these resources from IJM.

“Seeking justice doesn’t begin at the door of a brothel. Seeking justice begins with seeking the God of justice.”
Bethany Hoang, Deepening the Soul for Justice