This Sunday, August 28

We are taking our worship in action out of the building.There will be no gathering this week at 415 Westlake. Instead, we invite you to spend the morning/day in your neighborhood.

Looking for ideas?

  • Invite neighbors over for a barbecue
  • Take on a work project in a your local neighborhood
  • Visit a local coffee shop
  • Prayerfully walk/bike your neighborhood and make note of what you notice.
  • Take a rest in the true sense of Sabbath and cease from your everyday work to pause in a restorative way (use your creativity to decide how). 

If you would like to plan an event/activity in your neighborhood, let us know so we can post here. Email your plans to

Also, we would love to hear from you after our August Worship in Action Sunday and learn from your experience. We worship our God, who is dynamic and present and invites us to engage in our world as people of hope and grace.

“We are an odd people who specialize in cold water and shared bread, in welcome speech, hospitality, sharing, giving, compassion, caring, in small ways, setting the world fresh.” – Walter Brueggeman