Union’s monthly Sunday rhythm is designed to help people get involved naturally as we worship, eat, laugh, talk about what's important and serve side by side. A sense of belonging develops simply by showing up on Sunday. 

Opportunities for community, nurture and service also exist outside of Sunday worship. We have community dinners, Bible studies, reading groups, and serving teams, as well as events at our café, Kakāo

Dinner groups

Union Dinner Groups are a wonderful way to gather together in homes for a common meal to befriend one another, and also welcome others into our community.  Most of these groups meet monthly. See contacts below to learn about time and place.

Capitol Hill/Belltown, Sunday afternoon:
Magnolia, Thursday evening:
North Seattle, Sunday evening:
Shoreline/Edmonds, Saturday evening:
Wallingford, Monday evening:
West Seattle:


Meeting bimonthly at Kakao Cafe, this group takes up a range of books from a variety of genres, both fiction and non-fiction, to inspire freewheeling discussion on cultural, political, religious and literary topics. Meetings will be organized as part of a series, and occur on a bi-monthly basis.

Contact JoAnn to find out next book. 

Every WEek events

Mondays: Union Women’s Shelter

We are in our 3rd year of operation this fall. Every Monday evening our venue is transformed into a guest room for women who have no other place to stay. We seek to offer overnight shelter to homeless women in an environment of dignity, respect, love and safety. If you would like to help host on a Monday evening, there are many ways to get involved. Contact Kara at  
Website:  Union Women's Shelter

Wednesdays: Evening Discussion.

Interactive Bible Study, 7pm Wednesdays in the Kakao café. Some folks decide to take time in their neighborhood to spend time with a neighbor, come alongside a work project or visit another church. 

Please share your stories. Questions? Talk to Renée